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How do I contact customer service?
Email us at Service@Exphil.com, call us at 1-800-539-7445 or fax us at 1-888-563-0701.
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Will I be advised of the costs beforehand?
Yes, you will receive a repair estimate that includes explanation of the problem, cost of parts, cost of labor and cost of calibration.
Declined estimates incur a nominal fee for evaluation.
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What is the turnaround time on calibration?
On calibration 5 to 7 days from entry into the lab on equipment not requiring adjustment.
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Do you offer interrupt service?
Yes on units not requiring repair or adjustment. We give our best effort to accommodate the following options.
Option 1: 24-48 hours *
Option 2: Same day *
* does not include shipping time
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Do we require an RMA.
No we do not require an RMA. Just written authorization with the cal cycle and type of calibration identified and proper identification of the unit.
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How do I get my equipment to Exphil?
We can pick up units that are close to our lab at no extra charge. Otherwise you can ship the unit to our facility: 80 Orville Dr. Suite 115 Bohemia, New York 11716
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Does data come with certificate of calibration?
Mechanical equipment and units in that require adjustment or failed calibration receive data. Data can be provided with prior request for fee on all other equipment.
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Do you remind me when my equipment is due for calibration.
We send out monthly recalls for units coming due for calibration.
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Does Exphil provide on-site calibration?
Yes, we do. For a quote please provide us with and Excel spreadsheet and we will provide you with the prices.
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Who determines how often the unit is calibrated.
The customer's QC department determines this. It is based on customer usage and manufacturer's specifications.
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Can calibration certificates be replaced?
Yes, we can scan the certificate and email it to you.
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