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Power Measuring Instruments (For problems in power quality)


  • Compatible devices: POWER QUALITY ANALYZER PW3198, 3197, 3196
  • Supplied Media:CD-R
  • Operating environment:Computer running under Windows XP/Vista (32-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit/64bit)
  • Data loading: PW3198: Saved binary data
    3197: Saved binary data
    3196: Saved binary data
  • Screen display: System, Time plot, Event list, Event data, Cursor function, Fluctuation graph of event voltage, Graph of event inrush currnet (at only PW3198, 3197), Integrated power, Demand
  • Copy function: Text data, Screen copy to clip-boad
  • Print function: Screen image, A4/ letter size, preview
  • CSV convert function: Time plot, Event waveform, Fluctuation of event voltage, Inrush current of event (at only PW3198, 3197), Flicker graph (at only PW3198, 3196), Demand, Integrated power
  • Report Generation: Auto output: RMS voltage fluctuation graph, Worst case, Maximum/ minimum value list, Voltage total harmonic distortion percentage graph, All event waveforms, Detailed list of all events, other custom output, or detailed output
  • Only for the PW3198 and 3196:
    [Screen display] Voltage, Transient waveform, Vector, DMM, Harmonic, Zero-, positive- and negative-phase calculations, Flicker graph, Cursor, High harmonic analysis orders (PW3198)
    [Integrated Power Calculation] Analysis period: 1 - 35 days (PW3198)/ 31 days (3196), Graph, Consumption/ regeneration value, Cursor measurement, Maximum integrated power
    [Demand Calculation] Demand period: 5 - 30 minutes, 1 - 12 hours, Analysis period: 1 - 35 days (PW3198)/ 31 days (3196), Demand graph of consumption value, Average demand, Peak demand, Load ratio
    [ITIC Window] Event points are plotted on a tolerance curve (event duration versus swell, dip or interruption voltage percentage), Voltage percentage, Violation count display, Tolerance curve selection
    [EN50160 Screen] Classification by overview, harmonic, signaling detail (3196) or measurement results
    [Data Download] Via LAN
    [Saving settings] User-defined ITIC curves, Classification settings for measurement results, or other

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